The ViSUS software framework was designed with the primary philosophy that the visualization of massive data need not be tied to specialized hardware or infrastructure. In other words, a visualization environment for large data can be designed to be lightweight, highly scalable and run on a variety of platforms or hardware.

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Examples of software solutions include:




The responsibility of securing the US homeland from terrorists and other threats while facilitating legitimate trade and travel falls on the shoulders of the Department of Homeland Security's Customs and Border Protection (CBP). It's not an easy task.

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The ViSUS framework has been used in the climate modeling community to visualize climate change simulations comprised of many species over a large number of time steps. This type of data provides the opportunity to build high quality analysis routines.

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The ViSUS framework can be used for real-time, large panorama processing and visualization. Panorama Weaving provides a procedure to create boundaries for panoramas that is fast, has low memory requirements and is easy to parallelize.

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Studying nervous systems via the connectome, the map of connectivities of all neurons in that system, is a challenging problem in neuroscience. In working towards a solution, neurobiologists have acquired large-electron microscopy datasets.

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