Panorama Multiscale Processing and Viewer

The ViSUS framework along with the Lightstream Dataflows can be used for real-time, large panorama processing and visualization. In the figure below (left) we have the visualization of a 500 megapixel 2D image of Mount Rushmore. In this fattened image, you can detect color shifts due the fact that it is a mosaic of many individual images. The image in the middle provides a visualization of the original picture data for a panorama of Salt lake City, which is comprised of over 600 individual images for a total image mosaic size of 3.2 gigapixel. The Lightstream Dataflow can be used to operate on the multi-resolution data as the panorama is being viewed and provide an approximate gradient domain solution for each viewpoint. In this way, a user can explore the panorama as if the full gradient domain solution was available without it ever being computed in full. This preview is shown in the image to the right.


(left) A visualization of a 2D panorama dataset of Mount Rushmore (500 megapixel). Dataset courtesy of City Escapes Photography. (middle) The color shift between images in a panorama mosaic. (right) An application using a Lightstream data flow to provide approximate gradient domain solution as a user interacts with the data.